Friday, 13 June 2014

Baby to Boy Quilt

It's been a while since I did any blog about my quilt world.  Unfortunately there wasn't much going on other than trying to juggle full time work and study for the first semester that had passed.  It was a big struggle but I made it through and have since started trimester two but with one less subject. This meant that I could spend some time making some quilts before the year ends.

During semester break, I had started on a commissioned quilt for a boy quilt.  I had made Matt a baby quilt when he was born and now that he is starting to grow into a young boy, his mother had commissioned me to make him a boy quilt.

As I have mentioned before, I find making quilt for a boy a struggle but this quilt has been fun to make.  I have yet to quilt the finishing quilt top but here is a sneak peak of what I am currently working on at the moment.

I am savoring every stitch and moment in the quilt making process.  I miss having the time to make and to explore design ideas.  However, there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel with my studies.  Soon I will have all the time in the world to indulge in it (until something else creeps into my life!)

If you want to continue seeing the progress of this quilt, you can find me on Instagram

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Friday, 23 May 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2014

Another year of the fantastic Blogger's Quilt Festival.  
This is a great festival to have a look at the array of beautiful, creative and inspirational quilts.

Here's my submission for the original design quilt - Flutter Your Wings

This is my very first own design of flying geese. I love the way the arrangements gives a sense of wings fluttering in the wind.

This quilt is hand quilted following the flow of the design to further accentuate the idea of wings fluttering in the sky.

More photos and information on material, fabrics, and dimensions can be found here

Here is the link to Blogger's Quilt Festival website.  
Hurry up and come join in the fun as today is the last day to submit your designs (23rd May).

Monday, 3 February 2014

Economy Quilt

And so I started the year with joining an 'Economy-block-along' on Instagram.  I couldn't resist after seeing so many fantastic economy blocks popping up on my instagram feed.

scrappy quilt

This is my first quilt for 2014 - I love using up remnants and scraps that I can find in my stash to produce a quilt that is, to my surprise, turned out to be rather lovely.

scrappy quilt

I have used Rita's tutorial from Red Pepper Quilt and though it is time consuming with the constant trimming, it worked wonders to get all the blocks in the right size which made it super easy to put it all together.  I love this method because the blocks are trimmed to the correct size and it causes less heartache when putting the quilt together.

scrappy quilt

A simple green squiggle backing fabric is used to balance out the playful quilt top.

scrappy quilt

I have used the remaining of the 'Modern Bliss' fabric from the commissioned quilt that I did last year plus the scraps that I received from Amanda from Westwood Acres Fabric and some other fabrics I have in my stash.

scrappy quilt

A white solid farbic is used as binding.  I wanted something simple to frame the interesting play of the fabrics within each blocks which I thought worked effectively.  I am beginning to love solid fabric as a binding option at the moment.  I have also quilted this quilt on a diagonal to keep it simple and to avoid adding too much detail to the already playful quilt top.

Here are more photos of the quilt in better lighting:

scrappy quilt

scrappy quilt

scrappy quilt

Quilt facts:
Size: 40" x 50"
Quilt top fabrics: Remnants from Modern Bliss fabric bundle by Andie Hanna for Robert Kaufman, scrappy remnants from Westwood Acres, Pezzy print in Orange and Red, Stella Dot in White/Pink, Potted Spring Orange by Jason Yenter, Woodland in Pine and Assortments of Grey fabrics from Westwood Acres Silver Tarnished bundle.
Backing: Ready, Set, Colour! Green Squiggles by Crayola for Quilting Treasures
Binding: Kona White Solid
Batting: 100% cotton
Machine quilted

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Fabric love #8

lucky girl
Jennifer Paganelli Lucky Girl - Amazingly beautiful!

lucky girl
Gorgeous pink and grey colorway with beautiful floral print

lucky girl
Jade green makes a lovely contrast against the fuchsia, red, yellow and light blue prints

lucky girl
I love the intensity of the turquoise and yellow floral prints and my favourite would be the navy background colour in contrast with the lovely pink/red floral print.

This is my first Jennifer Paganelli fabric bundle and I can understand why her fabrics are loved by quilters and crafters.  These prints and colours have such a wonderful charm and beauty that it feels like a modern chinoiserie romance.
I am looking forward to be playing around with these beauties next year.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Flutter your Wings

hand quilt
I started this quilt about 6 months ago and I am glad that it's finally finished to made it into the 'Finish it 2013'.  I think this will be the last quilt for 2013 because exams are looming and after that I take off for a long awaited summer vacation and to visit my parents back home.  Can't believed that the year have gone by so fast and Christmas is just around the corner yikes!!  Keep calm and breath! ... back to the quilt...

hand quilt
It is a simple flying geese quilt that flows in alternate ways.  I love how it makes the quilt look like wings fluttering in the clouds.

hand quilting
When I was started piecing the quilt together, I wasn't sure about the colour palette that I have chosen but I love the strong solid contrast of the blue/grey fabric against the softer palette of the fabric line.  It makes the flying geese 'pop'.  Funny how there are moments of clarity and doubt in the process of quilting.  Do you have these cross-roads when you thought to yourself... 'Is this going to work?  Does the colours go together?'.  One thing I have learned whether in quilting or in life is to always trust your instincts and go with it.  I am so glad I trusted my instincts on this.

hand quilting
I have hand quilted this quilt as I struggled with how I will quilt it using a domestic sewing machine.  To me hand quilting is my comfort and machine quilting is still something I have yet to come to grasp with.  I can only quilt straight lines at the moment, any more than that it is a challenge and one that I am not ready to embark on yet. Furthermore, I love the effects of hand quilting even though it takes a little longer to do.  Mind you my hand quilting is far from perfect but I love the imperfections as it gives the quilt character.

hand quilting
I love how hand quilting gives you that instant 'out of the wash' look to the quilt.  It makes the quilt feel all soft and snuggly.  I have used a solid binding in similar tone as I didn't want it to stand out as such.  I wanted the geometry of the flying geese to be the main focus and the hand quilted lines to accentuate the flowing movement of the flying geese.

perle cotton
I wished I had made it in a bigger size so I could keep it for myself but a baby size is a good way to test a new design.  I can't wait to make a throw size at some stage next year.  Might have to rethink about hand quilting it but who knows... I might be insane enough to just do it lol!

Quit facts:
Size: Approx 48" x 60"
Quilt top fabric: Bluegrey cotton linen, Heather Bailey Nicey Jane collection and Heather Bailey Wallpaper Roses in Ivory
Backing: Forest Friends Yellow Flowers
Binding: Pure Element Parisian Blue Solid
Batting: 100% cotton
Hand quilting: Perle cotton No.8 in Pistachio Green and Topaz Yellow

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I thought I might join in the fun and submit one of my quilt for the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  This is my first time participating and I think it's such a fantastic idea to see creative, beautiful and amazing quilts out there.

Here's my submission for the baby quilt's section.
A baby quilt that I have recently made as a commissioned quilt.

A simple set on point modern baby quilt that is suitable for both gender.

The fabric line is called 'Modern Bliss'.  The colours and prints are bold, bright and playful which is wonderful for those cheeky, playful and adorable growing babies.

I kept with the simplicity of the quilt design by simple diagonal quilting lines.

A simple scalloped navy print binding picking up the scallop print on the fabric

And for the backing I have selected a print that related to the spirit of adventure and journey as they start to learn and form ideas in their ever inquisitive minds.

More information of materials, fabrics and finished quilt size can be found here

Here is the link to the Blogger's Quilt Festival website.  Come join the fun!

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pinkylicious Wunderland

This was one of my very first commissioned quilt that I couldn't share until the customer passed it on to her friend.  Got the OK yesterday that I can blog about it till my heart content!  It was a commissioned quilt as a gift to the customer's friend.
Pinkylicious wunderland
Happy to say that the recipient is super happy with the quilt and it is always nice to hear great feedback about their thoughts on it. 

This quilt design was inspired by my very first quilt book called "Material Obsession" - it was the very book that sparked my love for proper quilting.  It has taught me heaps as a beginner quilter on the equipment to purchase, how to cut the fabric and many other essential quilting basics.  I must say my skills has come a long way since I began to be a 'serious' (I think this has to be used loosely as quilting is all about creativity and there is nothing serious about creativity other than letting yourself go, have fun and be creative!) quilter last year.

Now... more about this quilt.  The guidelines was - I am mad about pink! and I love bright and bold colours. So I took out all the pink stash and mixed it with some other bright and bold coloured fabrics I had in my stash. I think I have managed to it well as I am still learning about pulling fabric bundles apart and creating a new palette to make it more interesting (I am still struggling with that as the bundles are all so pretty and coordinated lol!).  The pink coordinates made a beautiful backdrop accentuated by the magenta cotton linen solid geometric shape.

I continued the bold and bright theme at the back of the quilt running a strip of magenta solid with a little patchwork detail against a bright tangerine backing fabric.

I have also hand quilted this quilt with simple lines using white and red perle no.8 cotton thread.  I love the texture of hand quilted quilt.  To me it adds another layer of excitement to the quilt and also simple detailing that is often lost with machine quilting.  Don't get me wrong, I love and have seen some really fantastic and amazing machine quilted quilts out there but I think for a domestic quilter like myself, a little bit of detail goes a long way.  Furthermore, it has a meditative feel to the process that allows me to sit and contemplate about life.

Heather Bailey
Quilt facts:
Finished size: 48" x 62"
Quilt top fabric: Assortments of Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey and Midwest by Amy Butler, Magenta cotton linen blend
Backing: Bijoux Swirly Buds in Tangerine by Heather Bailey
Binding: Magenta cotton linen blend
Batting: 100% cotton

And here is the quilt sitting on the recipient's lazy boy at her home and here is what she had to say to the customer :
"Thank you for such a pinkylicious and beautiful gift.  I love it very much and the colour combination is so cheerful and happy.  I thank God  for bringing you into my life and for being such a lovely sister to me."